Veterinary Assist

Compassion and Care without Compromise

Veterinary Assist is an animal transport and emergency service which was established in 2003 and based in Morden, Surrey.

Its fleet of sophisticated vehicles are designed for rapid response, carrying their own independent supply of oxygen and other life-saving equipment to deal with critical cases.

Founder Steve Kemp, who already had long experience working with both domestic and wild animals, recognised an ongoing need for improved ambulance services that would be provided - with no restrictions - for distressed animals and their owners. With the welfare of the animals being of paramount importance, Veterinary Assist is committed to providing, through its charitable arm, essential services in time of need, regardless of the client's circumstances.

"I saw the problems that some pet-owners were experiencing when they had to get their sick or injured animals to veterinary surgeries for treatment," says Steve, "and this could be particularly difficult during the night. I just felt that more could and should be done to ease the suffering of the animal and alleviate the owner's anxiety. I was also determined that, just as in the NHS, abilty to pay would not be the overriding factor when it came to allocating treatment."

Today, Veterinary Assist operates predominantly in London and the Home Counties, though willing where necessary to transport animals to any destination in the UK or indeed on the Continent. With full charitable status, Veterinary Assist works hand in glove with other major animal charities such as Blue Cross, the RSPCA, PDSA and Battersea Cats and Dogs Homes. Liaison is also maintained with private veterinary practices, emergency clinics, social services and a number of kennels throughout the UK. There are plans to extend the current ambulance coverage to other areas of the country.

The services provided by Veterinary Assist can be summed up as follows:

• Referral/emergency transport in purpose-built vehicles.
• Animals/owners fully insured in transit.
• Charitable payment schemes in straitened circumstances (eg disabled, unemployed, low income etc).
• Containment of aggressive dogs.
• Neglected/abandoned pets, strays, injured wildlife all cared for.
• Sensitive and compassionate euthanasia conducted by veterinary health professionals at home if necessary.
• Collection/cremation of deceased pets.
• Registered with DEFRA and SVS-authorised for type 2 transportation.
• Available 24/7, 365 days of the year.
• Transport anywhere in the UK from Heathrow Airport through a mutual transport agent.

The need for animal welfare is never-ending and, sadly, trends do indicate that it is more in demand today than it has ever been. if you are currently in need of any of the services provided by Veterinary Assist, would like to know more about the organisation and how it functions, or perhaps make a donation that will help it to continue its work rescuing and treating sick and injured animals, please do get in touch.


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